Monday, January 26, 2009

T minus ..... not lots of time!

Jake found a car!! Last weekend, we went to Pacifico Ford in South Philly to look at a sporty little Toyota Celica. Jake test drove it, got all the loan information started, and, after sending him home with the car for the weekend so the dealership could talk to more banks, he got a call on Monday with loan terms really close to what he had asked for! So, then, after much back and forth with a few insurance companies, we got a great deal from my insurance company and drove back to South Philly for Jake to sign the papers and write the first check! It was all very exciting (and just a little bit stressful) but it's all settled now! We will probably also get Renter's Insurance through the same company, which will allow us another discount since we now have both of us and the cars on the same policy now. But now we are both feeling very relieved about this whole move. Now we just have to get us and all of our stuff to the new place.

Which brings us to The Move. The plan as of right now is to start in Bristol at 9 am and get most (if not all) of Jake's stuff moved in first. Except for Zelda. She'll hang out at the house until the end of the day, and when Jake returns the van to the theatre and picks up Cecilia (his Celica... get it?) he'll pick up Zelda, too. We didn't want her to have to deal with being in the new place with all the commotion and comings and goings. It will be easier for her to explore her new home with us there to hopefully put her at ease a little bit.

After getting most of Jake's stuff dealt with, we move on to my parents' house. Which is currently filled with boxes full of what I am convinced is way too much stuff for one person, but I might just be crazy. I've never really "officially" moved before. I've always left stuff at my parents' house, so I've never really seen everything I own in boxes all at once. That might be what is looking like so much to me. We shall see.

More as we get closer!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


this is really scary. jumping in to having all of this financial responsibility. i'm usually very good with paying all of my bills on time, but i'm being a little paranoid about being able to make rent.

this could very well just be this season's SAD kicking in a little late - i've been feeling a lot better this winter than many in the past, but i've been slacking a bit about taking all of my vitamins and really taking care of myself, and i think it's catching up with me.

but, anyway, i'm worried. i'm worried i won't be able to get enough work. i'm worried i won't be able to keep affording health insurance. i'm worried something will go horribly (expensively) wrong with my car. i'm just worrying. and trying desperately not to. but it's still happening. and i know it's mosly irrational.

the first few months will be a little tight, monetarily, at least while we both try to figure out where we can and can't spend. it will all be ok. i have work booked for at least a few weeks out of every month up until the summer, i just have to keep my eyes and ears open to fill in the slow times. so let me know if anyone hears of any craft fairs or theatres in desperate need of a painter/props person/sassypants. i can do it all...

it will all be ok. we can do this together, i know we can.

it's still a little scary.

if i had a million dollars..... this would be a hell of a lot easier.

Now that we have the apartment (well, almost - we sign the lease this weekend, which makes it for real, for real), we have one more big step in making the transition to living in sin. Jake needs a car. otherwise, his commute from Jenkintown to Bristol is impossible. we are looking, searching, digging, and having a lot of trouble. so, if you see a car sitting around, looking forlorn, just waiting for a new owner who will love it and care for it and drive it into the ground, call me. or jake. or just grab it and show up at our door.

that's all i got.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


so, the place i mentioned before, that i wasn't going to get excited about until Jake saw it - yeah, that one... WE GOT IT!!!!! i am so freaking excited to have a place of our own! We move February 1st, and i can't wait. in the mean time, we are on a mad hunt for a set of wheels for the boy, and trying to figure out what we have, furniture-wise, between us and what we still need. packing and unpacking ought to be interesting, but here we go, on a fantastic new adventure!!!


more details after we've settled in, and probably a whole slew of pictures on the facebook!

Friday, January 2, 2009


so, we took some time off from dwelling-searching over christmas just so we didn't make ourselves crazy. (ok, crazier. shut up) tonight i went to check out another 2br in rockledge, and i think it's worth a second look, so i'll bring the boy along next week to take a closer look. my biggest qualm about it is the small kitchen, but otherwise, it looks pretty promising.

but i will say no more until i get Jake's opinions on the matter.

In other news, I went out for New Year's Eve for the first time since college. And had the time of my life, in spite of the inevitable hangover the next day. we drank Wild Monkey Pirate Punch (or some such) and stayed up too late in our pajamas and lazed around all the next day eating all the leftovers from the party and watching mummer floats run over unsuspecting drunks.

it was great.