Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks, PSF!

This blog comes to you fresh from room 216 at the Holiday Inn Express Bethlehem!

No, Jake did not kick me out.

The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival has wooed me into it's clutches for the 8th summer running. Now, those of you familiar with the workings of good old PSF are quite possibly shaking your heads at me. For those of you who don't know, the Festival tends to be a very ......um.... intense summer.

This summer has started out pretty well so far.... except for the Technical Director having to leave for a week to ten days due to a death in the family....... and the outdoor stage taking over twice as long to install as planned..... and one of the designers being on vacation in Ireland for the first week of the build of 2 of his 3 shows......

No, really... it's all cool. We got this.... right?

For me, personally, I am having some serious anxiety about this being the first time I will see a show through from beginning to end in quite some time. I'm nervous about budgeting my time and resources properly. Since I've been freelancing this season, I've been jumping into the middle of shows and projects, and I've not been the one dealing with budgets or schedules or planning for anything really. This is really going to be an adventure.

In spite of these bumps in the road, most signs point to a good summer. The attitudes this summer seem to be generally more positive than in past seasons. We also seem much more prepared and willing to communicate about everything that needs to be communicated about!

Updates from the Festival will continue (as long as I can still find the time to do it!)

Living away from Jake feels kind of weird at this point. We have only lived together in the new apartment for about three months before I started last week, but we had settled pretty easily into life together. It's tough to be apart, but we'll see each other as often as we can (hopefully almost every weekend) and I told Jake that when I move back home in August it will be so exciting and just like when we first moved in together. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? We'll just run up our cell bills and send all sorts of schmoopy emails.