Thursday, February 23, 2012

We should have named him Tazmanian Devil

   Gizmo (the little grey cat we adopted this past fall)  is a raging cuddlebug.  He is almost always purring, trilling, and loves to be pet/manhandled and played with.   He plays fetch.  You can pick him up and drape him over your shoulder and carry him around.  He's a very cool cat.
    He is also a raging maniac.  Usually at 3 in the morning, but he's not particular about this. He makes an amazing amount of noise while galloping across the apartment for such a wee cat.  Part of the problem might be that he gets Zelda all worked up so she tries to run amok with him, and she's nearly twice his size.  I hope our neighbors downstairs don't start making voodoo dolls of us....
    Anything small/light enough to pick up and carry around, he will.  Hairbands and barrettes are particularly prone to this.  I don't know where he takes them, but he can almost always be seen trotting around the house carrying something.  He discovered a box of dust masks (the paper kind with two rubber bands to hold them onto your face) in our back room the other day.  I know this because we woke up to a half dozen of them strewn about our bedroom the next morning.
     He recently stole one of the lids to my contact lens case.  Someone 50 years from now will find it when they tear this building down.
     He found one of our lego cake toppers from our wedding and was playing hockey with it at 4 this morning.

I love him.  I just wish he wasn't quite so.... nuts.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Am I on Candid Camera?

me, at the restaurant, being my chipper waitress self:  Hi!  how are you doing tonight?  Can I get you something to drink?

customer:  No.  I'll just have water.


me, to the runner at the theatre:  I need a gallon of white elastomeric roofing compound.  has to be white.  if they don't have it, I want joint compound. ok?

runner, writing it down:  sure!  elastomeric.  white.

half an hour later he returns with four tubes of black caulking.  and a caulk gun.  really proud of himself.


me, handing a paint card to the girl at the paint counter at Big Do-It-Yourself Store:  I need five gallons of this color in high gloss.

girl with far off look in her eyes: did you want that in separate gallons?

me:  oh, can you do that color in a five gallon bucket? (it's usually cheaper if you buy one fiver as opposed to 5 ones)

girl: not in that brand...

me: ok, but in the other brand it will still be high gloss?

girl: ....not in a five gallon bucket....

me, wondering why she brought it up in the first place: ok.... i need five gallons of THAT color in HIGH gloss.  however you have to do it.  thanks.


lady at table, ordering lunch: Does your tuna salad have onions in it?

me: yes

lady: oh god, then I can't have that, onions would kill me.  I'll have the ::some other sandwich::

me: great, and what would you like for a side dish?

lady:  oooh, onions rings would be great, thanks!


production manager: So, when are you going to start painting that drop?

me: well, they haven't given me a paint elevation yet, so I have no idea what it looks like.  I can't paint it til they tell me what it's supposed to be.

pm: yeah.


Friday, February 3, 2012

inspiration. antagonization? (is that even a word?)

Yeah, maybe I've ignored this blog for a year.  I'm going to try to be better about that... Not because my life is particularly thrilling to y'all, but because I have decided with a friend of mine who has recently started a blog herself that we should challenge/bully/cajole each other into keeping current with our respective blogs.

Hopefully the threat of constant nagging at work will put my fingers to the keys more often.

In the Year of My Absence from Blogging, I have:
~ Gotten Married.  Best Move Ever.  I love you, Jake. :)
~ Moved out of Skeevetown* and into the Jewborhood*.  (Cue Theme Song from The Jefferson's.  *not real names of places)
~ Gotten back into some quasi-steady freelance theatre work - something I swore I wouldn't do for a while, but it's paying some bills, and I'm actually being reminded of some of what I liked about Scenic Art work in the first place
~ Adopted a new Cat.  Gizmo is one crazy mother-shut-your-mouth.  He trills and chirps and purrs almost constantly, and is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I think I've ever met.  Plus, Zelda puts up with him pretty well. Although, sometimes, I swear she looks at me or Jake when Gizmo does something dumb and just shakes her head.  I could be hallucinating this.
~ Tried to take a class.  Learned that Journalism101 at the local community college is actually Hey, We Need Some People to Write Articles For the School Paper That No One Will Read, And We Won't Actually Try to Teach Them Anything.  Needless to say, I was bummed.

I'm sure that more has happened to me in the past year, but it's been a long day, and remembering things can be hard sometimes.