Thursday, February 23, 2012

We should have named him Tazmanian Devil

   Gizmo (the little grey cat we adopted this past fall)  is a raging cuddlebug.  He is almost always purring, trilling, and loves to be pet/manhandled and played with.   He plays fetch.  You can pick him up and drape him over your shoulder and carry him around.  He's a very cool cat.
    He is also a raging maniac.  Usually at 3 in the morning, but he's not particular about this. He makes an amazing amount of noise while galloping across the apartment for such a wee cat.  Part of the problem might be that he gets Zelda all worked up so she tries to run amok with him, and she's nearly twice his size.  I hope our neighbors downstairs don't start making voodoo dolls of us....
    Anything small/light enough to pick up and carry around, he will.  Hairbands and barrettes are particularly prone to this.  I don't know where he takes them, but he can almost always be seen trotting around the house carrying something.  He discovered a box of dust masks (the paper kind with two rubber bands to hold them onto your face) in our back room the other day.  I know this because we woke up to a half dozen of them strewn about our bedroom the next morning.
     He recently stole one of the lids to my contact lens case.  Someone 50 years from now will find it when they tear this building down.
     He found one of our lego cake toppers from our wedding and was playing hockey with it at 4 this morning.

I love him.  I just wish he wasn't quite so.... nuts.

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