Wednesday, January 14, 2009


this is really scary. jumping in to having all of this financial responsibility. i'm usually very good with paying all of my bills on time, but i'm being a little paranoid about being able to make rent.

this could very well just be this season's SAD kicking in a little late - i've been feeling a lot better this winter than many in the past, but i've been slacking a bit about taking all of my vitamins and really taking care of myself, and i think it's catching up with me.

but, anyway, i'm worried. i'm worried i won't be able to get enough work. i'm worried i won't be able to keep affording health insurance. i'm worried something will go horribly (expensively) wrong with my car. i'm just worrying. and trying desperately not to. but it's still happening. and i know it's mosly irrational.

the first few months will be a little tight, monetarily, at least while we both try to figure out where we can and can't spend. it will all be ok. i have work booked for at least a few weeks out of every month up until the summer, i just have to keep my eyes and ears open to fill in the slow times. so let me know if anyone hears of any craft fairs or theatres in desperate need of a painter/props person/sassypants. i can do it all...

it will all be ok. we can do this together, i know we can.

it's still a little scary.

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Duffy Batzer said...

And a meteor can hit the Earth at any moment unless Bruce Willis can stop it with a nuclear bomb.
You guys will be fine! Jake's an excellent waiter if worse comes to worst. There is always some way to make a little more money.
I am just happy for you guys. And worrying about money is better than worrying about whether this is the right thing to do. Obviously, you are sure of the decision and that is the important thing.