Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Arrival (and the Weeks that Followed)

We're here! Things have been crazy and internet connections have been long in coming, but we are definitely here! The move went PHENOMENALLY well thanks to our collective slew of awesome friends (to whom we also owe thanks for a good portion of our "new" furniture)! Moving day (jan 31) was cold, but sunny and full of good cheer, junk food, and beer.

Unpacking has been a little slow, mostly due to Jake being in tech rehearsals the week we moved and me lining up a ton of work in the weeks following. We have the kitchen pretty much under control at this point, minus a trash can, because, honestly, we are being picky. And by "we", I mean Jake. Well, mostly. Eventually, we'll either find THE trash can or suck it up and buy anything that will keep garbage off my floor. Feel free to take bets on which will come first.....

The bedroom is almost done, except for the need for a little bit of storage organization in the closet (i'd really love to be able to close the closet doors..... but we have a TON of clothing between us....) The bed (donated by Duffy and John, and thankfully delivered by John) is fabulously comfortable - even Zelda approves. Sometimes I find her curled up under the comforter even when we aren't in bed. I got flannel sheets for it, and with the addition of one of our down comforters, it is heaven! I also bought what i think is the coolest dresser ever from a local thrift shop. It's gigungous and takes up half the bedroom, but it holds a lot of stuff and has what seems to be the little brother of the Mirror to the Underworld that we got so familiar with at 709. Plus, it only cost me $35. And the bruise i got on my leg trying to haul it up to the apartment with my dad. in the snow.

The living room has been rearranged at least twice now. We are finally happy with the new layout and have grand plans for some of the open space. The papasan chair has definitely proved optimal for video gaming, and I have discovered that the futon (provided lovingly by Jesse and Nikki) is perfect for falling asleep on right after dinner. (we eat dinner late sometimes... don't judge!)

The studio/office (from here on out to be known as "stufice" for simplicity's sake) is another story all together.... This past weekend we decided to set up Jake's desk in anticipation of internet hookup, and that's where it ends. I don't have a desk yet, and, while I bought the wee rug i plan on putting under my easel, it sits in the middle of the room where I used it as a drop cloth for a foamcore caboose I made for Missy. (I love my work!) Hopefully over the next few weeks (after I get some bills paid...) I will be able to resume my hunt for a desk and we can finish the set-up of the stufice.

I swear I will work on getting pictures, but I can't get my computer going on the internet until we knock some sense into our wireless router, and I'd rather show off the place in a more finished state!

living together is proving to be fantastic :)

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