Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Worth of Warmth.

I'm laying on the sofa, 45 minutes after the movie I was watching has ended, listening to one neighbor's tv and another neighbor's whining dog.  And I have to pee. 

Why am I laying here, listening to sounds that make me want to eat my own ears and praying my bladder doesn't suddenly decide to fail?

Because Zelda is sleeping on my feet and it's cold in here, that's why.  Body heat has become such a commodity in this household that it is worth more than other personal comforts.

Maybe Spring will come early this year.  We are close to Punxatawney out here, aren't we?  I should go bribe that little bugger Phil.....

1 comment:

jbrinke said...

Threaten to steal his eyes to use as candle bases if he's thinking about seeing his shadow... that and some bark & apples should keep him content.