Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Improvement Solutions

Since the laundry facilities (read: one washer and two dryers) have been made functioning, I have been handling our laundry needs in house.  It's slightly cheaper, and I can easily do one or two loads as I need to, when I need to, without having to plan on an afternoon at the laundromat.

All's well, right?

Sure... except that the basement is still ragingly disgusting, having never been swept or cleaned out, and is full of the "maintenance" supplies that the highschool dropouts who have been hired by our rental agency have been using.

"Using for what?" you might be asking.... for some of the repairs we had reported to them over two weeks ago?


For painting the outside of the building.  yep.  the outside.  While there are still holes in my floors, doors that don't shut, and who knows what else.


Except that I saw a Cockroach in the basement.  A dead Cockroach, but still, a Cockroach.  The size of my thumb.  On it's back, legs all splayed in lifeless reach.  Ew.


Except that where there is one Cockroach, I am utterly convinced that there are always MORE Cockroaches.  There is never just ONE Cockroach.  They are not solitary creatures.  Part of what makes Cockroaches so ominous is the that there are always armies of Cockroaches.

Scads.  Hordes. Throngs. Oodles. 

And we still have holeS (plural) in our floors.  In our Bedroom Floor.  And behind the fridge.  Holes!  That our landlords have decided are not necessary to repair, at least not before painting the entire outside of the building.

So, we are taking matters into our own hands.  Jake has plans to jigsaw the holes square and cut pieces of plywood or other scrap to fit, or use spray foam insulation, or some other legitimate means and actually Repair the Holes.

I wish to take a more immediate, if passive aggressive approach.

Packing tape.

Brilliant, right?  Sure, if I could find it.  Somehow in our unpacking and putting things away, we have lost the roll of packing tape.  My Brilliant Solution for my Fear of Cockroaches is lost somewhere in our disordered apartment.  My OCD nature won't allow me to use masking tape, of which I somehow have rolls and rolls of. No, it must be clear packing tape.  Less invasive and eye-catching. 

If I can't find it by tomorrow, I'm going out after work with whatever meager tip money I have earned and buying some, damnit.

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